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 The PEUK model is a classic model that includes high-quality finishes and details. This track complies with all the standards detailed by the F.I.P. for a comfortable and safe game.

The main features of this model are:

  • Metallic structure:

Formed by self-supporting frames of 80x40x2mm. Optional: PRO version (3mm).

  • Enclosure type:

Electro-welded mesh with double rigidity of 50x50x4mm on a 80×40 mm tube frame.

  • Termination:

Lacquered in the oven in a color to be chosen by the customer.

  • Anti-injury system.
  • Lighting system:

Choose between straight, V-shaped and curved light poles

Types of grass available


Fibrillated grass is made up of straight fibers extruded in a flat shape. Small cuts are made to the flat fibers to create a finer set of fibers. Fibrillated turf, over time, can become compacted in the areas of greatest wear.


This turf is more resistant and has a greater vertical memory, which makes it return to its original shape after impacts. It is a more durable turf than fibrillated turf, which with proper maintenance can last you for a long period of time.


For regular play all over the court. It stands out with the textured effect, which provides a greater capacity for rotational and longitudinal traction (grip), increasing grip and therefore improving the safety and performance.

Court Manufacturing

We are a padel courts factory. We have different types of structures, colors and designs. We adapt to the requirements of each client, we can innovate, add accessories and personalize the different models of padel courts that we install.

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