Siux Trilogy 3 Control

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To maintain your padel racket, regularly clean it with a damp cloth, avoid extreme temperatures, replace worn grips, use a protective cover, and inspect for damage. Avoid placing the racket on rough surfaces and refrain from smashing it in frustration. Proper care extends the racket's lifespan and enhances performance.

  • Clean the racket regularly.
  • Protect it from extreme conditions.
  • Maintain and replace grips as needed.
  • Use a protective cover.
  • Avoid excessive ground contact.
  • Regularly inspect for damage.
  • Avoid smashing the racket.

The Siux Trilogy 3 Control is a padel racket specially designed for advanced players who stand out for their control technique in the game. With its round shape, this padel tennis provides an excellent balance between control and precision in each shot.

The construction of the Siux Trilogy 3 Control includes faces made of 24K TexTreme carbon, a flexible and soft material that provides a great sensation when hitting. The low-density EVA Soft rubber core absorbs impacts and allows greater control over the ball.

In addition, this padel tennis has technologies such as the anti-torsion system and the reinforced bridge, which reduce vibrations and provide greater stability during the game. The embossed foam grip improves grip and provides an ergonomic feel when holding the padel tennis .

The 3D matte finish of the Siux Trilogy 3 Control of better control over the effects of the shot, giving the player greater precision in his shots. With a weight between 355-375 grams, this padel tennis of optimal balance in the player's hand.

In terms of design, the Siux Trilogy 3 Control combines the colors black, gray and red, creating an attractive and modern aesthetic.

In summary, the Siux Trilogy 3 Control is a padel racket designed for advanced players with control technique. Its construction with flexible materials, combined with technologies that reduce vibrations and improve grip, make it an excellent option for those padel players who seek maximum control in their game.